A clinical case of the treatment of a patient with metastatic inoperable liver cancers with the use of radiofrequency ablation combined with regional chemotherapy and chemoembolization

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The article is devoted to the clinical case of the treatment of a patient with metastatic inoperable liver cancers. Regardless of primary tumor localization virtually every third cancer patient has hepatic metastases. The only radical method of the treatment of primary and metastatic liver cancer allowing to achieve long term survival is an organ resection but most frequently multiple liver metastases are diagnosed. In such spread of the process expanded liver resection is indicated accompanied by high rate of complications and mortality. All of this makes the surgeons use novel methods of minimally invasive organ-saving treatment for patients with primary and secondary liver neoplasms. Such case is an example of effective use of radiofrequency ablation in its different sequence with regional chemotherapy and chemoembolization of hepatic artery for the treatment of a patient with colon adenocarcinoma and hepatic metastases. The patient underwent 6 courses of polychemotherapy, 3 courses of radiofrequency ablation and 5 courses of hepatic artery chemoinfusions and chemoembolization of tumor vessels in the liver. Total patient’s lifetime from the moment of detection of hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer was 25 months.

About the authors

Yu A Shavrina

Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko; Tambov Central Regional Hospital

Author for correspondence.
Email: bales123@yandex.ru
Voronezh, Russia; Pokrovo Prigorodnoe Rural Settlement, Russia


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