Surgical component of lateral and central breast cancer treatment

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Aim. To improve the results of the surgical component in the treatment of a nodular form of breast cancer with lateral and central localization by analyzing hemoglobin oxygen saturation of arterial blood in the foci of breast cancer, regional lymph nodes and resection line of the breast.

Methods. The study involved 175 patients with a nodular form of breast cancer with lateral and central localization (T2–3N1–2M0), including 86 in the main group and 89 in the comparison group. In the main group, hemoglobin oxygen saturation in arterial blood of the foci of breast cancer, parenchyma, pectoral muscles and regional lymph nodes was examined for spread of cancer during surgery for nodular breast cancer by using a device developed by us (patent RU 2581266). This examination was not performed in the comparison group. Histopathological examination of resection specimens revealed confirmation of the main foci of breast cancer and the presence of metastases in the regional lymph nodes and pectoral muscles of the breast. Statistical analysis of the data was performed by using the Statistica 10 software. The arithmetic mean, the standard error of the mean and the standard deviation were calculated for the quantitative indicators.

Results. In the main group, 86 patients had no recurrence and metastases in the follow-up, while in the comparison group, cancer recurrence was identified in 89 patients and metastases was found during cytological and histological studies in 9 patients.

Conclusion. Determination of hemoglobin oxygen saturation of arterial blood during surgery in the subclavian, axillary and subscapular lymph nodes as well as in the pectoralis major and minor muscles allows clarifying the distribution of breast cancer, specifying the scope of the operation and improving the results of the surgical component of breast cancer treatment (T2–3N1–2M0).

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About the authors

Z M Abdurakhmanova

Dagestan State Medical University

Russian Federation, Makhachkala, Russia

M R Ramazanov

Dagestan State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation, Makhachkala, Russia

E I Sigal

Kazan State Medical Academy -Branch of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education

Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia


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