A rare form of metabolic myopathy in a neurologist’s practice

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Secondary metabolic myopathies develop in endocrine pathologies, different somatic diseases, electrolyte disorders and in some vitamin deficiency. Myopathic syndrome caused by vitamin D deficit is a rear pathologic condition, for this reason it is difficult to diagnose it. Proper diagnosis has a vital importance for proper treatment choice. The article describes a rear form of the metabolic myopathy in a young female admitted to the neurology department because of significant leg weakness. A thorough examination revealed no pathology of internal organs. On physical examination moderate lower flaccid paresis with reduced tendon reflexes was revealed. Muscle tone was normal. The absence of systemic inflammatory changes in blood tests as well as normal biopsy results ruled out dermatomyositis and polymyositis. Blood tests revealed deficiency of 25-OH-vitamin D. On vitamin D monotherapy leg weakness completely resolved. In case of myopathic syndrome it is necessary to have in mind such rear causes for its development as vitamin D deficiency.

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K L Zagidullina

City clinical hospital №7

Author for correspondence.
Email: polikarpova_90@mail.ru

N A Popova

City clinical hospital №7; Kazan state medical university

Email: polikarpova_90@mail.ru

Yu V Filippova

Polyclinic «Salvage»

Email: polikarpova_90@mail.ru


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