Platelet aggregation in hypothyroidism and graves’ disease

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Aim. To study platelet aggregation in subclinical and symptomatic hypothyroidism and Graves’ disease.

Methods. The results of clinical and laboratory study of 50 patients with hypothyroidism and 20 patients with Graves’ disease are described. To access platelets aggregation function aggregatogramms were decoded by setting the maximum aggregation value; maximum aggregation rate and platelet aggregates maximum size were evaluated according to the results of the dynamic measurements on aggregometer. A control group consisted of 40 healthy donors.

Results. Patients with subclinical and symptomatic hypothyroidism had prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time, reflecting the propensity for hypocoagulation, reduced total platelets number, spontaneous and ADP-induced platelet aggregation, aggregates formation rate and their maximum size. Changes were more pronounced in patients with Graves’ disease: weakening of platelet component of hemostasis, reduction of the platelets total number and the maximum size of platelet aggregates, significant reduction of the rate to reach the maximum size of platelet aggregates and platelet aggregation were observed.

Conclusion. Thyroid dysfunction is accompanied by dysfunction of hemocoagulation processes, signs of chronic disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome; these changes are clinically more severe in patients with Graves’ disease.

About the authors

M V Chepis

Tyumen State Medical University, Tyumen, Russia

Author for correspondence.

E S Ral’chenko

Tyumen State Medical University, Tyumen, Russia


A A Klimenova

Tyumen State Medical University, Tyumen, Russia


I V Ral’chenko

Tyumen State Medical University, Tyumen, Russia



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