The role of the department of surgical diseases №2 in the formation of cardiovascular surgery service in the Republic of Tatarstan (to the 80th anniversary of the department)

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The main stages of development and formation of the cardiovascular surgery in the Republic of Tatarstan and the role of the department of surgical diseases №2, on the basis of which this branch of surgery engendered in the 60s of XX century, are represented. The first demonstrational cardiac surgeries (closed mitral commissurotomy) were performed in Kazan at the premises of the 3d city hospital by academician A.A. Vishnevsky in 1958. In 1963 the 6th city hospital became the main base of the department of surgical diseases №2 in Kazan, and the first cardiac surgery intervention was performed on April 15, 1963 on 26 years old patient with mitral stenosis of rheumatic etiology. In the 70s of XX century cardiac surgery service at the premises of 6th city clinical hospital got the status of Interregional cardiac surgery center. From the beginning of the 1990s, cardiopulmonary bypass surgery became leading in the department of cardiac surgery. In 1992 the cardiac surgery department of the 6th city clinical hospital was reorganized and became the Kazan Center of Cardiovascular Surgery with 75 beds, since 1995 bearing the name of professor N.P. Medvedev. In 2000 the department was headed by associate professor R.K. Dzhordzhikiya (doctoral thesis «Minimally invasive surgery of acquired heart valve disease», 2004). In 2005 more than 300 cardiopulmonary bypass surgeries has been performed in the clinic. In 2006 employees of the center in almost full strength moved to the Interregional clinical diagnostic center, the first cardiac surgery at the center was performed in September 2006. Annually the number of high-tech operations increases. At the same time scientific research work is carrying out. The generalizing research studing the results of the preservation of annulo-papillary continuity when replacing valve in the mitral position with mechanical prosthesis in patients with rheumatic disease conducted at the center was one of the first in Russia. The past 80 years of the history of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and the stable foundation laid by previous generations of researchers and clinicians, the glorious representatives of the Kazan school of cardiovascular surgery, serve as a guarantee of successive development of scientific and clinical work of the department and the whole cardiac surgery service in the Republic of Tatarstan.

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R K Dzhordzhikiya

Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russia

Author for correspondence.


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