Vol 74, No 6 (1993)

Organization and some results of the work of the AGIS "Health" group of the Kazan City Center of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision

Pigalova I.V., Antonets A.A., Mazitova A.H.


Since 1981, the first unified system AGIS "Health" (automated state information system) began to operate in the city sanitary and epidemiological station to study the morbidity of the population in connection with the quality of the environment.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):401-403
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On the state of health of the population of Kazan

Muravyova T.M., Yampolskaya L.K., Tokareva T.I., Pigalova I.V., Antonets A.A.


The state of health is the most important indicator of the well-being of the population, especially of such a large industrial center as the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Enterprises of various industries are located on its territory: energy, chemistry and petrochemistry, mechanical engineering and metalworking, construction industry, light and woodworking industries; automobile transport enterprises are widely represented. All of them make a certain contribution to environmental pollution, which undoubtedly affects the health status of the villages.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):403-406
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Assessment of the health status of the population and the environmental situation in the Spassky District

Trifonov V.A., Gasilin V.V., Fatkhullina N.H., Shigapova F.S., Minniyarova M.Z., Kovalenko R.S., Meshkov V.M.


In the context of the accelerated development of scientific and technological progress and the growth of industrial production, one of the most important state tasks is the protection of the environment and the health of living and future generations of people. In order to study the health status of the population and the ecological situation in the Spassky region of Tataria, we carried out a comprehensive environmental study of snow cover, drinking water, soil, crop and livestock products for the content of radionuclides, pesticides of 14 groups in food, nitrosamines in everyday products. In-depth medical examinations were attended by specialists from the RCH (oncologist, surgeon, therapist, neuropathologist, etc.).

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):407-410
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Hygienic assessment of the radioactive soil sorting technique

Kovalenko R.S., Morozov V.G., Chuprun V.F.


When decontaminating sites of radioactive contamination of urban and industrial territories, along with organizational and technical issues related to deep exploration of the focus, the choice of storage sites for low-level radiation neopaque material (MARANOM) and the disposal of soil falling under the category of radioactive waste (RW), it is necessary to produce sorting of the recovered material. The urgency of the issue is primarily due to the fact that the volumes of soil to be buried are very significant. According to KazTISIZ specialists, in Kazan alone, these volumes are 5 thousand cubic meters. m. The cost of disposal of one cubic meter. m. RAW as of 01.03.1993 - 50 thousand rubles. The main sources of pollution are radium-containing materials used in the post-war period at some enterprises of the republic (in Kazan, Chistopol), as well as radium-containing ore at the L. Ya. Karpov chemical plant in Mendeleevsk.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):410-412
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Morbidity with temporary disability at the enterprises of the chemical and petrochemical industry of the Republic of Tatarstan for 1986-1992

Morozov V.V., Minniyarova M.Z., Kharitonov V.A., Yampolskaya L.K.


The chemicalization of the national economy, based on the widespread use of chemical products, increases the contact and the possibility of harmful effects of chemicals on workers, affects the level of morbidity with temporary disability (TDI), and causes damage to the health of workers and the economy.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):413-415
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Working conditions and morbidity with temporary disability of workers in the production of gunpowder

Mazitova N.I., Gainutdinova G.A., Yampolskaya L.K., Muravyova T.M.


The morbidity with temporary disability (TMD) of industrial workers is one of the most significant indicators characterizing the state of their health. It, like occupational morbidity, largely reflects the state of working conditions of workers. An analysis of the level and structure of ZVUT is necessary to clarify the reasons leading to its occurrence.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):415-417
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On the need to issue therapeutic and prophylactic nutrition to workers at the production of organic peroxides by "Orgsintez"

Morozov V.V., Minniyarova M.Z.


The production of organic peroxides at the Kazan Production Association Orgsintez was commissioned in 1970 under the project of Constructors John Brown (England). This is a large complex, which includes over 30 detached pavilion-type buildings. The layout of the premises in the production buildings is made in accordance with the existing sanitary and fire safety standards. Organic peroxides are used as initiators of polymerization, oxidizing agents, for the synthesis of dehydropolymers, epoxy derivatives, as bleaching materials. They have a local effect on the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes, upper and lower respiratory tract, penetrate through intact skin. Some of them affect the central nervous system. Their distinctive feature is the ability to induce methemoglobin formation. The mechanism of action of organic peroxides is due to their ability to oxidize a number of enzymes containing a thiol group. They are capable of causing hemolysis and inhibiting the activity of sulfhydrol enzymes.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):417-419
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Study of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields generated by video display terminals

Fatkhutdinova L.M., Vaziev I.K., Reznikov E.B.


Video display terminals (VDT) are widely used in all spheres of human activity. It is estimated that 30 million RCCBs are in use in North America alone. Like any new technology, production with the use of VDT is the subject of serious attention of specialists in the field of labor protection. Currently, there is no doubt that VDTs cause severe discomfort in those working with them, accompanied by numerous complaints (asthenopic phenomena, musculoskeletal and headaches, increased anxiety and irritability). In addition, information is accumulating about the development of more serious disorders (myopization, skin diseases, spontaneous abortions and birth defects of the fetus).

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):419-422
pages 419-422 views

Automated information retrieval and computing system of the regional toxicological center

Kovyazin V.G., Morozov V.V., Shaikhutdinov F.G.


Computer technology of scientific and practical research is now increasingly attracting the attention of specialists in sanitary toxicology. The existing experience of its use in related fields in the form of automated control systems (ACS), an automated workstation (AWP) of a specialist, an automated research system (ASNI) indicates that it can significantly reduce research time, improve the efficiency of using expensive equipment, and also informativeness of research using qualitatively new methods of data processing, to increase the accuracy and reliability of the results, to free the investigator from labor-intensive routines, operations, etc.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):422-424
pages 422-424 views

Databases on sanitary toxicology, hygiene and related fields on magnetic media

Kovyazin V.G.


At present, computer information technology has become an integral part of all international and many national programs for the protection of the environment and human health. These methods are beginning to be introduced into the practice of domestic sanitary supervision), including in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):424-426
pages 424-426 views

Sanitary and toxicological certification of new dyes of aniline derivatives

Shaikhutdinov F.G., Podosinovsky V.V., Asadullina Z.Z., Fadeeva E.V., Shakurova N.M.


Organic dyes, including aniline derivatives, are widely used in the national economy. The volume of their production is constantly increasing, new compounds are being developed, the degree of danger of which to humans is unknown. This determines the relevance of the primary sanitary and hygienic certification of its derivatives at the stage of laboratory and experimental industrial synthesis. Occupational risk in the production and use of dyes is due to direct contact of workers (inhalation and skin) with such compounds that are highly toxic, irritating, skin-resorptive, allergenic and long-term effects (mutagenic, embryotropic, teratogenic, carcinogenic).

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):427-430
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Sanitary and hygienic assessment of fire products at the engine plant according to KAMAZ

Morozov V.V., Shaikhutdinov F.G., Minniyarova M.Z., Ganeeva K.M., Podosinovsky V.V., Tchaikovskaya T.I., Fadeeva E.V.


Health protection and safety of the personnel of fire and gas rescue services working directly in the field and during fire and accidents are provided with a developed complex of organizational, technical and medical measures, the use of fire, dust, gas protective insulating suits with human life support systems. After extinguishing the fire, eliminating its sources and major consequences of accidents, a long stage of repair and restoration work begins, to which the staff of the enterprises is involved.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(6):430-434
pages 430-434 views

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