Use of a physiotherapeutic device for complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of prostate

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Aim. Evaluation of efficacy of complex treatment of patients with the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis and patients with the main diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia and concomitant chronic prostatitis with the use of physiotherapeutic device for the treatment of inflammatory prostatic diseases «MAVIT».

Methods. Clinical efficacy of the treatment with the use of the «MAVIT» device was studied in complex treatment of 45 patients with chronic prostatitis. Group 1 consisted of 25 patients diagnosed with stage I-II benign prostatic hyperplasia complicated with chronic prostatitis. Group 2 included 20 patients with proven diagnosis of chronic prostatitis. Efficacy was evaluated immediately after the course of treatment and during the following 12 months. For evaluation of biotissue influence of the «MAVIT» device on blood flow in prostate, transrectal color Doppler ultrasound was performed in 10 patients from group 2 before and after physiotherapeutic session. Peak flow rate, index of peripheral vascular resistance as well as organ vascular density were studied.

Results. The treatment results were evaluated in both groups at months 3 to 12. All patients reported reduction or disappearance of dysuria, subjective improvement of urination, reduction of pain in genitals. Improvement of urination was registered based on the results of examination (IPSS scale, uroflowmetry, ultrasound of prostate, residual urine, transrectal color Doppler ultrasound).

Conclusion. In patients with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia at conservative stage of the disease complex treatment of chronic prostatitis with the use of physiotherapeutic factors has pathogenetic value and, if necessary, allows preparing a patient for the surgery; the received results allow recommending the «MAVIT» device for the treatment of chronic prostatitis including patients with stage I-II benign prostatic hyperplasia.

About the authors

B N Zhiborev

Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov; City Clinical Hospital №11

Author for correspondence.
Ryazan, Russia; Ryazan, Russia

A B Zhiborev

City Clinical Hospital №11

Ryazan, Russia

B Yu Rakcheev

City Clinical Hospital №11

Ryazan, Russia


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