Сardiovascular autonomic neuropathy as a diabetes complication

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The article deals with one of the possible complications of diabetes mellitus - cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy as a variant of diabetic neuropathy. The basic pathogenic mechanisms of development of this condition and clinical manifestations depending on the patient’s age, duration and degree of diabetes compensation, are described. Diagnostic criteria for heart involvement in diabetes mellitus are discussed in detail, from asymptomatic course to sudden patient’s death, from instrumental findings to acute biventricular failure development. The main findings from patient’s work-up (ECG, echocardiography) are named. The principles of prevention and treatment of heart disease in diabetes mellitus are provided. Theory is accompanied by our own clinical observation and is illustrated with ECG. In the clinical case tactics of treatment and prevention of diabetic cardiopathy are suggested.

About the authors

I A Latfullin

Kazan federal university

Author for correspondence.
Email: profz@yandex.ru

Z F Kim

Kazan state medical university; City clinical hospital №7

Email: profz@yandex.ru

M A Mingazetdinov

City clinical hospital №7

Email: profz@yandex.ru


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© 2016 Latfullin I.A., Kim Z.F., Mingazetdinov M.A.

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