On the ways of the revolutionary intelligentsia

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(To the results of the Plenum of the Central Presidium of Varnitso on May 4-5, 1930).,. P.K.Brodovsky. Questions about the choice of the path — to socialism or to the camp of its conscious and irresponsible enemies — are now being raised before various strata of the intelligentsia with unprecedented sharpness and persistence. V. Molotov. All attempts not to take one or the other side end in failure and scandals. V. Lenin. The starting point for discussing the tasks of our era is the understanding of this era as a historically inevitable period of the dictatorship of the proletariat, moreover, the task of the proletarian dictatorship is to build socialism — a comprehensive restructuring of the life of human society based on a new economy and technology. If we pose the question of how the intelligentsia relates and what part does the intelligentsia take in solving these problems of the epoch, then it will become clear to anyone who is even slightly familiar with the history of our revolution that it is impossible to give a general, sweeping answer to this question.

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