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On the jubilee days of our university, it is appropriate and fair to remember them too — especially in our Soviet era, and when “we” and “they” - professors and technical staff, former “servants” - are equal members of the same trade union. Each of the universities can note a number of such "ministers" who are eligible for the title of "researchers". It is clear that these are scientific workers of a technical order, trainees, but still scientific workers with the identification of consciousness, a kind of creativity and technical ingenuity. It is necessary to recognize their significant role in the studies of students, in the training of scientific "personnel" of the past and present; it must be admitted that their role in the implementation of "active teaching methods" in the past was very significant. I would like to recall three such figures of ministers "scientific workers" of Kazan University during these jubilee days of Kazan University.

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M. M. Gran

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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