Clinical case of intussusception of the jejunum into gastroenteroanastomosis after gastric ­resection

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Intussusception is one of the varieties of mixed (strangulation and obturation) mechanical intestinal obstruction. It arises as a result of the introduction of the adducting segment of the intestine into the abducting one. Gastroduo­denal intussusception is an extremely rare type of high intestinal obstruction. It most often occurs after surgery on the stomach and much less often in non-operated patients. Intussusception of the jejunum into the stomach can occur soon after surgery, but most often, this complication occurs 5–15 years after the intervention. This paper describes a case of retrograde intussusception that arose 9 years after the Billroth II gastric resection with Braun anastomosis. This clinical case acquaints specialists with the possibility to encounter this pathology in clinical practice and demonstrates the appropriateness of differential diagnostics in cases with similar clinical symptoms.

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About the authors

F Sh Akhmetzyanov

Kazan State Medical University; Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center


Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia; Kazan, Russia

V I Egorov

Kazan State Medical University; Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia; Kazan, Russia

A N Daminov

Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center


Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia

N D Sirazitdinov

Kazan State Medical University


Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia


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