Vol 10, No 1-2 (1910)

Doctors and medicine in the products of L. N. Tolstoy
Idelson E.M.

In a number of all human knowledge, there is hardly another branch that would so closely touch the interests of everyone and everyone, like medicine. The endless attachment to life inherent in man, the so-called instinct of self-preservation, creates in him a well-known, irresistible need always and everywhere to seek help from those around him in moments of comprehending his ailments. By virtue of this, one might say, universal, vital need, a person not only himself always from time immemorial used medical aid, but always still had and has a tendency to heal others, his neighbors. In a word, every person feels and finds in himself, to some extent, a need and a calling to heal and alleviate the suffering of other people.

Kazan medical journal. 1910;10(1-2):1-32
Differential diagnosis of appendicitis
Krylov M.A.

If the recognition of a typically proceeding acute appendicit in most cases on the basis of the onset and course of the disease, the localization of pain, the resistance of the tumor and the very nature of the attacks can be established without special fluctuations, then on the other hand, the picture of this disease can give so many complications type that can introduce into delusion the most experienced and most witty doctors. These deviations from the norm in the course of appendicitis may depend on many reasons.

Kazan medical journal. 1910;10(1-2):33-60
Several cases of inflammation of the appendix
Solomin P.

(Reported in the Orenburg Physics and Medicine Societyѣ January 31, 1909)
By the past 1908, the Orenburg local hospital was sluggish under its roof 4822 sick people and test subjects. Of this number, ten admissions were due to inflammation of the appendix; Of these, it is worthy to note five cases, which in ch ronological order were as follows:1) Appendicitis simplex cum synechiis.

Kazan medical journal. 1910;10(1-2):61-66

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