The role of the Kazan surgical school in better understanding of sepsis

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The work aims to give a clinical assessment of the scientific research of representatives of the Kazan surgical school in the 40–60s of the last century on the problem of sepsis and to consider the practical significance of the results obtained in the light of modern concepts about the purulent-septic disease, as well as to study the effectiveness of the methods used to reduce mortality in wound sepsis. The representatives of the Kazan surgical school were among the first physicians in the national medical society to substantiate the key role of the local focus/foci and generalization of infection in the development of sepsis. They first laid the foundations for the prevention of generalization of infection from the primary focus — as the main factor for developing sepsis. Their data on the role of bacteremia in the etiology of sepsis and the prevention of fulminant sepsis are still relevant. These achievements remain priorities for the domestic surgical school and have become part and parcel of the international guidelines 2016 on sepsis (“Sepsis-3”).

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About the authors

V E Volkov

Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Cheboksary, Russia

S V Volkov

Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov


Russian Federation, Cheboksary, Russia


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