Hospitalized morbidity of Omsk population as a result of acute intoxication of chemical etiology in 2015

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Aim. Analysis of hospitalized morbidity of the population of Omsk as a result of acute poisoning of chemical etiology in age and gender groups depending on the toxicant in 2015.

Methods. The rate of admissions of patients who suffered acute poisoning of chemical etiology in 2015 was analyzed according to gender in age groups 15-19 years, 20-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60 years and older. According to the etiology all acute poisonings were divided into the following groups: ethanol and its surrogates, medications, drugs, psychoactive substances other than plant-based, caustic and other poisons.

Results. During the analyzed period the majority of patients admitted to the center for the treatment of acute poisoning in Omsk were males in whom the incidence of hospitalization was 4.1 times higher than in females. The highest hospitalization rate due to acute chemical poisoning was observed in the age group of 20-29 years among males and 15-19 years among females. Acute alcohol intoxication was observed more frequently among males aged 40-49 years and among females aged 30-39 years that is indicative of the peak rate of severe chronic alcohol abuse in these age groups.

Conclusion. The high rate of consumption of modern psychoactive synthetic substances, «designer» drugs, which replaced plant-based drugs, defines the nature of toxicological situation in the region.

About the authors

A V Sabaev

City Clinical Emergency Hospital №1

Author for correspondence.
Omsk, Russia


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