Prevalence and risk factors of glaucoma among the population of Ganja city, Azerbaijan

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Aim. To determine prevalence of glaucoma among adult urban population on example of Ganja city of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Methods. In city polyclinics primary examination was performed in 6585 people that makes 3% of adults of the population. Among the examined patients the indications for thorough in-patient work-up were determined in 250 patients. The diagnosis of glaucoma was confirmed in 220 patients (90 males and 130 females). The prevalence of glaucoma was determined (in % of the examined patients). The patients were divided into groups according to their gender, age, education, family history, presence of eye and internal diseases. A group with the lowest prevalence of glaucoma was chosen as a reference, and the other groups were termed as study groups for the assessment of relative risk of glaucoma development.

Results. Glaucoma was revealed in 2.7±0.28% of males and 3.9±0.34% of females (p <0.05). Morbidity rate in women is higher compared to men. Risk factors of glaucoma are: intraocular pressure >21 mm Hg - 3.8±0.24%, compromised family history - 4.7±0.27%, diabetes mellitus - 3.66±0.24%, myopia - 5.7±0.3%, cataract - 10.0±0.4%, arterial hypertension - 11.9±0.4%. General morbidity rate of glaucoma among patients older than 20 years old is 3.45±0.23%. The lowest prevalence of glaucoma was determined among people of 20-29 years old (0.9±0.22%; 95% confidence interval 0.40-1.33). Prevalence of glaucoma increases with age of the examined patients. Statistically significant increase of prevalence of glaucoma is detected among population aged 40 years or older (3.3±0.49% of people aged 40-49 years) and reaches its maximum among people aged 60-69 years (12.2±1.56%).

Conclusion. Prevalence of glaucoma among population of Ganja aged 20 years and older is comparatively high; differentiated monitoring of intraocular pressure with risk factors taken into account is reliable for early detection of glaucoma.

About the authors

K F Agaeva

Azerbaijan State Institute of Doctors’ Improvement named after A. Aliyev

Author for correspondence.

N O Mamedova

Azerbaijan State Institute of Doctors’ Improvement named after A. Aliyev


T F Nabiev

Ganja City Ophthalmologic Hospital



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