Efficiency of wound dressing made of powder cotton cellulose

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Aim. To study the effectiveness of a wound dressing made of powdered cotton cellulose for open surgical wounds in the oral cavity.

Methods. The effectiveness of a wound dressing made of powdered cotton cellulose during vestibuloplasty was assessed based on clinical indicators. The study included 197 children aged 8–12 years (boys — 91, girls — 106), divided into 2 groups — the main group (100 children treated with powdered cotton cellulose wound dressing) and the comparison group (97 children, treated with a surgical gauze dressing). The number of children in clinical groups was determined by the “copy-pair” method. The dynamics of the postoperative period was assessed according to traditional clinical indicators (the presence of pain, inflammatory edema, hematomas, healing time, etc.). The severity of general and local clinical signs was determined by using the system of its assessment in points developed by us. Differences were considered significant at p <0.05.

Results. In the postoperative period, the patients of the main group had no complications — in contrast to the patients of the comparison group, who had pronounced edema and hematomas of the soft tissues of the chin, edema and hyperemia of the displaced flap. Changes in clinical signs severity in points also prevailed in the comparison group (p <0.001). The surgical wound showed complete epithelialization after 11.4±0.7 days in the main group and after 13.5±0.9 days in the comparison group. The reduction in the duration of treatment was 2.1±0.8 days.

Conclusion. When using a wound dressing made of powdered cotton cellulose, the wound is protected from the aggressive environment of the mouth, including microflora, food debris, etc., which excludes the possibility of its se­condary infection; there is no pain, postoperative inflammatory edema and hematomas; the surgical wound healing time is reduced; there are no contraindications, no side and allergic reactions.

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About the authors

S S Ksembaev

Kazan State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: ksesa@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia

O V Nesterov

Kazan State Medical Academy — Branch of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Email: ksesa@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia

L N Khafizova

Kazan State Medical University

Email: ksesa@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia


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2. Рис. 2. Вид раневого покрытия из порошковой хлопковой целлюлозы

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3. Рис. 3. Динамика выраженности общих и местных клинических признаков в послеоперационном периоде при вестибулопластике (в баллах)

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4. Рис. 4. Вид нижнего преддверия рта через 1 мес после операции (основная группа)

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