The bright diamond in the crown of Professor Gruzdev scientific school for 100th anniversary of Kazan State Medical Academy and obstetrical-gynecological hospital

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Because of the 100th anniversary of Kazan State Medical Academy and obstetrical-gynecological hospital, this article present outstanding scientific achievements of the first head of the department, Professor A.I. Timofeev, who was an apprentice to professor V.S. Gruzdev. Historical and literature study of primary materials was used as the method of research. In April 2020, Kazan State Medical Academy (formerly the State Institute of Advanced Me­dical Training) celebrated its 100th anniversary. Organization of work of the gynecology-obstetrics department and hospital fell on the shoulders of Professor Alexander Ignatievich Timofeev, who was an apprentice to Professor V.S. Gruzdev. The article reflects three shining moments from his working life, which made the Kazan school of obstetricians and gynecologists famous. Throughout the 19th century, scientists were seeking to answer the question of corpus luteum originating: from the connective or epithelial tissues. Professor Gruzdev has suggested that the source needs to be granulosa cells. His student, Professor Timofeev, carefully performed histological preparations finally established in 1913 that granular cells are the genesis of the human corpus luteum originated, and bring these centennial scientific disputes to an end. In 1925, Professor Timofeev was the first in the USSR to perform surgery under local infiltration anesthesia in Kazan. His publication of the results of observation in 1928 was the beginning of the further study and implementation of local infiltration anesthesia by the method of Professor A.V. Vishnevsky (“creeping infiltration method”) in obstetrics and gynecology. For 30 years, this method of analgesia was dominant and gave way only with the development of anesthesiology and resuscitation. In 1928, he, together with professor Gruzdev, report on cesarean section at the 8th All-Union Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists “laid the foundation” for a wider study of Caesarean section in the USSR, the result of which was genera­lized in 1979. International recognition of the epithelial nature of the corpus luteum alone deserves a monument; the school of Kazan doctors of obstetrician-gynecologists honors the memory of the outstanding apprentice to professor V.S. Gruzdev — A.I. Timofeev.

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About the authors

L A Kozlov

Kazan State Medical University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia

N V Yakovlev

Kazan State Medical University


Russian Federation, Kazan, Russia


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Рис. 1. Профессор А.И. Тимофеев

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Рис. 3. Из диссертации А.И. Тимофеева

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Рис. 4. 1928 г. Казанская делегация 8-го Всесоюзного съезда акушеров-гинекологов. Сидят (слева направо): И.Ф. Козлов, А.И. Тимофеев, В.С. Груздев, П.В. Занченко, М.С. Малиновский. Стоят (слева направо): Б.С. Тарло, В.С. Левин, Н.А. Подзоров, А.И. Вылегжанин, Бессонов

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