Ethnic variability of bladder cancer in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Aim. To study the bladder cancer incidence in ethnic groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Methods. The study, covering the period from 2004 to 2013, included patients with newly diagnosed and registered cases of bladder cancer. Statistical methods of cancer incidence descriptive epidemiology were used. Besides, age-specific, crude and standardized indices of bladder cancer incidence were calculated.

Results.In total in 10 years 4887 patients with bladder cancer were registered in Kazakhstan. Crude incidence rate of bladder cancer among the Kazakh ethnic group was the highest in Akmola (2.2) and Kostanay (2.2) regions, as well as in Almaty (2.1 per 100 thousand population). The lowest incidence rate among indigenous ethnic groups was registered in South Kazakhstan region - 0.8 per 100 thousand population. The highest average annual incidence of bladder cancer among Russians was registered in Almaty - 11.4 per 100 thousand population. The same high figures were registered in West Kazakhstan (11.0), North Kazakhstan (10.5), Kyzylorda (10.5) and Aktobe (10.0 per 100 thousand population) regions. The lowest incidence was observed among persons of Russian nationality in the Atyrau region (4.0 per 100 thousand population). In general, the incidence among the Kazakh ethnic group was 1.59±0.41 per 100 thousand, that was significantly less than among Russians - 8.25±1.88 per 100 thousand population (p

Conclusion. There is considerable ethnic variability in bladder cancer incidence in Kazakhstan: the incidence among Russians 5 times higher than among Kazakhs.

About the authors

N S Nurgaliyev

Kazakh Research and Scientific Institute of Oncology and Radiology

Author for correspondence.


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