Grand duches Olga Alexandrovna and Mariya Pavlovna as sisters of mercy during World War I

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The article describes Romanov dynasty representatives work as the Sisters of Mercy: the sister of Emperor Nicholas II Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, and cousin of the Emperor Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, in the Russian military hospitals from the very first days of the First World War. Realizing that sick and wounded need care, they gave all their energy to service to them. Complying with hospitals everyday life order where they held the service, not distinguishing themselves, they lived everyday hospital life. August sisters seemed humane and kindred because they aspired to alleviate the suffering of the paternalized wounded, console them, show them kindness. The Romanov dynasty representatives personified for the wounded all near and dear to their hearts. They constituted that higher female creature which embodies the virtues of mother and wife, and at the same time the Christian service paragon, what was always much valued among Russian people. Both Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, Jr., the Red Cross Evgenevskiy community nurse, activities flowed in the tense daily work, difficult military life conditions and hardships. Sisters of Mercy of the Romanov dynasty - Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna - became exemplary models for all young sisters, who joined the road of charity in the grim days of First World War.

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N N Blokhina

National Research Institute of Public Health, Moscow, Russia

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