Pis’mennye Pamiatniki Vostoka

The periodical "Pis'mennye pamiatniki Vostoka" is an international peer-reviewed journal, which is focused on the study of written legacy of Asia. From  1970  till 1987, it was published annually by the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2004, the IOM, RAS resumed "Pis'mennye pamiatniki Vostoka" as an academic journal; in 2015 the English version of the journal appeared; since 2016 it has been published quarterly.

The main direction of the journal is the study of the manuscripts, early printed editions and archival heritage of the peoples of the Orient, as well as of a wide range of problems in history, philology, source study, historiography, codicology, paleography, epigraphy, textology.

The main topics of the journal are represented by the following headings: "Publications", "Research", "Book Culture", "Collections and Archives", "Restoration and Keeping", "Academic Life", "Reviews". The journal publishes translations of the written monuments of the Orient from the world's manuscript collections, libraries, archives, and museums, as well as various research articles, based on written sources, studying history, literature, religions and culture of the Orient. The Editorial Board accepts articles on the problems of Oriental textology, written monuments, manuscript collections and repositories, problems of manuscript preservation and restoration. Notes on the current academic life events and activity of institutions studying written monuments of the Orient, conferences, research plans, and reviews are also accepted.

The edition is aimed for Orientalists and specialists in various fields of the Oriental studies.


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